Hawker 400 XP

Our mission

To bring you the best personal flying experience possible, we’ve worked towards achieving the internationally recognised ISO quality management standard. It’s based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, a commitment to process, and continual improvement.

We’re constantly setting new goals for ourselves, to ensure our clients benefit from an ever-improving service.

Hawker 400 XP with our pilot

Our values

Being in a position to provide a service to our customers is a privilege. Our products are basically a service – moving one person from one place to another – and making the travel experience as enjoyable as possible.

We offer our services because we want it, and our smile expresses both our friendliness and our desire to satisfy the customer. We are privileged to be able to offer our services to an incredible variety of demanding people. Serving with the heart connects us with our customers, collaborators and partners on a human level, and this represents the personification of our values.

Each of us feels the need to find our passions and things to do in which we are better. An old saying reads: “Find a job you love and you will never work in your life again”. We try to match what people love to do with their responsibilities.

The list of ways we can improve what we do is vast. The faster we can improve, the better our results will be. Often, changing small things can make a big difference. So let’s avoid focusing only on big changes. But let’s not just focus on the details! Let’s just concentrate on improving one thing at a time for us, for our colleagues, for our customers.

Communication is a simple concept but effective communication can be difficult to achieve. 

True communication begins when we first try to understand each other’s message and expectations. Then , the two-way communication that requires a lot more effort.

Without trying to understand, we will not break the barrier of one-way communication. The advantage of this is that somewhere along the way it could happen to learn something unexpected but valuable.

Our reputation depends on how well and how often our actions adhere to our words. Respecting our commitments to others, to customers, to our partners, creates trust – the foundation stone of every relationship. Others can count on us, in doing what we say we will do, We must therefore be weighed on what commitments we take to ensure that they are met in an excellent and timely manner. We must communicate the progress of our work carefully to maintain the trust of others.

To respect our vision we must continuously and creatively improve our business.

Keeping our costs as low as possible allows us to offer lower fares, thus expanding the private flight market. If we are determined to do more every day with what we have, we will improve the way we operate and stay ahead of the competition.

While our vision is clear, the road to reach it is not paved, and there is no GPS that tells us when we take involuntary deviations. We have made mistakes and we will do it again. We must fight for perfection. However, when we make mistakes, it is important to recognize, admit and learn from them and solve the underlying problem. So we will avoid repeating mistakes and we will return to the road to success.

Just smile! Do you feel better now? We believe that people who try to have fun in what they do are the best in their jobs. Choose to enjoy the presence of others and the experiences that surround us every day. Some days are harder than others, but by choosing to have fun, we will keep the prospect and we will be happy people with even happier customers.

Asking for help helps open the door to assistance without declaring weakness. In fact, it is a sign of strength that helps build teams inside and can avoid unwanted outcomes. Mutual support comes from the expression of mutual need. if our colleagues do not know they can help, they will not be. By asking for help when we need it, we will create a stronger team.

We face a challenge every day. Even when the skies are blue and calm, we have nervous passengers. The problems will always exist, but we must learn to face them with serenity. Overcoming the challenges one by one, we will manage the setback and we will continue to persevere.

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